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Top 10 Reasons

662011_21749_0JCE Extended Day Enrichment Program
Is the Right Place for Your Child

1. All your Extended Day dollars go back to JCE. Student tuition is initially used to cover costs to run the program. All additional funds are put back into the classrooms and the school as a whole.

2. A price point you can afford. Our Extended Day fees are affordable, falling 30% below other programs in our surrounding area. In addition, each sibling is a 40% reduction in fees.

3. JCE Extended Day is a SJCSD program requiring the same policies, procedures, and mandates as the school itself. Our Extended Day Program and staff are held to the same A+ standards of excellence as is required for your children throughout their JCE school day experience.

4. Your children remain on campus in a safe and familiar environment. Youth today need safe and stimulating places to go to after school. Studies show that quality after school programs can improve school attendance and engagement in learning, raise test scores and improve grades, keep kids safe, help with social skills and self-esteem, and make life easier for working families. In addition, staying on campus provides access to academic needs that they simply cannot receive elsewhere.

5. We offer your children the chance to have fun and feel nurtured and comforted, as well as be excited about learning. With six exciting hands on learning centers your children will stay active both physically and mentally. We provide help with homework, learning activities as well fostering their self-worth, and developing their personal and interpersonal social skills and self-care.

6. Outside activities abound. Your children will have the opportunity to be enrolled in additional outside activities such as dance, karate, art, pottery, science, music, etc. without leaving campus. All outside activities are provided by top-notch instructors in their field of expertise and do require an additional fee.

7. Nutritional snacks and drinks are provided. Although you are welcome to, there is no need to pack an afternoon snacks for your child. Each student enrolled in our Extended Day Program will receive a nutritional snack of their choice. Choices vary from a variety of baked chips, Nutri-Grain bars, cheese sticks, yogurt, all natural applesauce, crackers, etc. and a bottle of spring water.

8. A love for neighbor and community. In our Caring Kids center we develop, and promote respect for cultural diversity and the importance of reaching out to both community and neighbor. By involving the children in weekly discussions and word exploration, they experience and recognize the joy and sense of self-worth and accomplishment when reaching out from beyond themselves and impacting the lives of others.

9. We are not just Extended Day we are extended family. Our staff consists of responsible and caring adults who enjoy the company of children and who can provide the support and guidance your child needs when absent from your presence. Your children will have the comfort and security of knowing they will see the same warm smiles to greet them on a daily basis. Welcoming with a warm hug, words of encouragement, or eager to hear about their day, our staff is dedicated to bridging the gap between school and home.

10. We offer Smart Start Morning Program. Our morning program for early risers begins at 6:30am. Your children will be greeted by the same warm and familiar smiles they experience in the afternoon. At Smart Start, your child has the opportunity to eat a warm comforting and nutritious breakfast from our delicious JCE Café or you may choose to bring your own. Low key activities prepare your children for another exciting day of learning, here, at JCE.