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Parent Letter


Dear Parent/Guardian,

It is the mission of the JCE Extended Day Enrichment Program to be a support to families and to promote positive development for our children. We recognize that many families are in transition and have experienced divorce or separation. In order to provide the best possible care for child/children, who are our main priority, we feel that it is vitally important that we be able to maintain good relations with all significant adults in his/her life.

The staff at JCE Extended Day Enrichment Program is sensitive to the issues of divorce and separation. We ask you make an appointment to meet privately in order to discuss any matters of importance in relation to the divorce/separation and any other issues that may help us in the care of your child/children. For instance, we need to be clear on the following:

  • what the custody arrangements are
  • which parent to contact first in the event of a emergency
  • should program information be sent to both parents (ouch grams, behavior issues)
  • who is responsible for payment
  • who will or will not be authorized to pick up children
  • it would also be helpful to discuss your child’s general feelings as you see it so we may appropriately respond to your child/children when he/she is with us


In an effort to minimize situations that may be uncomfortable for you, your child/children, and our staff, we ask that parents refrain from talking about custody issues, visitation disputes, problems with or talking negatively about your child’s/children’s other parent in front of them. Please note, we cannot deny a parent access to their child/children unless we have a copy of a court order stating that they have lost their rights to do so. If there are concerns in which we need to be aware, please arrange to meet privately with the Coordinator. Once again, it is your child’s/children’s well being that is our main priority and we need to be able to maintain good relations with both parents whenever possible.

Thank you for your cooperation;

Jennifer Frascello
JCE Extended Day Coordinator

Shared Parental Responsibility Policy
The St. Johns County School District recognizes that in divorce cases where parents have shared parental responsibility, it is our belief and hope parents will be good role models and abide by the agreements in the Court approved documents. Julington Creek Elementary will no longer attempt to interpret Court documents unless there is a restraining order preventing a parent from taking his/her child. Both parents will have equal access, unless specifically prohibited in an official Court document, to their child and his/her educational program. Concerns about custody and visitation should be handled between the natural parents or guardians and not involve the school in these issues.