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How to Enroll Your Child in School

Any questions regarding registration can be directed to Libby Spurgeon, School Registrar, at [email protected], or by calling (904)547-7980.

All students must register at their home-zoned school. The school district Attendance Zones Locator will identify the correct school.

Registration for 2024-2025 School Year:

2024 – 25 School registration is online only.  Please click the “Register My Student For School” button in the top right corner to begin the registration process.  Please see the list of requirements for all children to begin school that is included later on this page.

Kindergarten Staggered Start

Staggered Start provides an opportunity for the kindergarten teacher to work with a very small group of her students each day to teach rituals and routines and ensure students are comfortable with their environment before introducing them to the entire class.

Staggered start specifics will be posted soon.

Requirements for All Children to Begin School

    1. Grade Placement (Florida State Statute 1003.21) 

  • Voluntary Pre-K: A child must be four years old on or before September 1st.
  • Kindergarten: A child must be five years old on or before September 1st.
  • First Grade: A child must be six years old on or before September 1st AND satisfy one of the following: a) Satisfactory completion of kindergarten in a Florida public school.
    b) Satisfactory completion of kindergarten in a non-public school.
    c) Previous attendance in an out-of-state school in which the student was admitted on the basis of age requirements established by the state of residency.

     2. Proof of Residency 

3. Proof of Immunization

For additional Information regarding immunizations, please contact:
Florida Department of Health- St. Johns County
200 San Sebastian View
St. Augustine, FL 32084

 For additional information regarding any health issue for school enrollment, please visit (

  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Physical/Health Examination (dated within 12 months of the student’s first day of school)
  • Social Security Number (optional)
  • Academic Records (for students previous enrolled in another school)

Although we will request the records from the previous school, placement may be expedited if you have:

  • Most recent report card
  • Unofficial transcripts or grades
  • Most recent test scores (mandatory prior to registration for Honors or Dual Enrollment classes)

If you would like to complete the registration paperwork in advance please visit

If you do not know the name of your zoned school please use the Zone Locator at

Shared Parental Responsibility Policy
The St. Johns County School District recognizes that in divorce cases where parents have shared parental responsibility, it is our belief and hope that parents will be good role models and abide by the agreements in the Court approved documents. Julington Creek Elementary will no longer attempt to interpret Court documents unless there is a restraining order preventing a parent from taking his/her child. Both parents will have equal access, unless specifically prohibited in an official Court document, to their child and his/her educational program. Concerns about custody and visitation should be handled between the natural parents or guardians and not involve the school in these issues.