If it is necessary for your child to be given medication at school, the following guidelines are to be followed………………….

All medications, including non prescription (over the counter) and prescription, must have a medication authorization form signed by the parent and physician. No medication can be given without this form. The form can be faxed to 547-7985

All medications should be delivered to the school in the original container with the child’s name, name and dose of medication on the bottle.

The FIRST dosage of any new medication will not be administered during school hours because of the possibility of an adverse reaction.

Medication forms must be submitted EVERY school year and/or if any changes are made to the type of medication or dosage.

If your child needs to carry an inhaler with them, there is a place on the medication form that the physician and parent must sign to authorize this. If your child does carry the inhaler with him/her, please encourage your child to let the nurse know if the inhaler is needed so that your child can be assessed for any respiratory difficulty.