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Media Expectations

Media Center Expectations

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Media Center Rules
Help Each Other
Be Respectful
Treat Books Kindly
Clean Up After Yourself
Choose Books Carefully
Always Bring Books Back
Always Use Shelf Markers
Say Please and Thank You
Work Hard, Have Fun
and Read, Read, Read


In the Media Center we will:

1. Display courtesy and respect for others.
2. Keep voices low while browsing so you don’t disturb others.

3. Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.
4. Follow directions.
5. Be a good listener.

Students are expected to take good care of the materials in the Media Center and handle their books with care.  It is recommended that books be kept in a plastic bag while in book bags so they are not damaged if there is a leak or spill from a lunch box.

Each student will:

1. Tell us right away if a book is damaged.
2. Be respectful of the equipment, computers and books.
3. Use shelf markers to keep the shelves and work areas neat.
4. Replace books in the proper place – use those shelf markers to help you know where to put the book.

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