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In order to support the practice of daily reading, Julington Creek is beginning our eighteenth year of the LEAP Into Summer Reading Program.  The school staff, the School Advisory Council (SAC), and the PTO want to encourage and motivate our students to maintain the momentum that was begun during the school year in reading and comprehension. Research tells us that DAILY READING forms the basis for LIFELONG LEARNING and promotes ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT!  In addition, research also tells us that if a child does not practice his/her reading skills, he/she will lose substantial gains in reading.  Reading everyday will help to keep language skills sharp during the summer. It will also increase reading comprehension, which is a goal for our school and the students.

Here is how the program works:
At home or while vacationing this summer (FROM THE DAY YOU GET OUT OF SCHOOL UNTIL THE DAY YOU RETURN TO SCHOOL), please encourage your child to read on a daily basis, at least 20 minutes each day. (We encourage more reading, but 20 minutes a day is expected.)  Reading materials may include magazines, newspapers, and travel brochures, as well as books and reference materials.  Reading can include independent, silent reading, or time reading aloud to an adult or another child.  We also encourage you to read to your child, for this demonstrates YOUR commitment to reading... and to your child... and enhances the learning process, increasing vocabulary and comprehension!  Other adults or 'reading buddies' may read to him/her too.  There are also many excellent books on audio tape to use at times.  All of these reading options may be logged and counted on your child’s reading log.

Record all reading times, the reading materials, and your progress on the monthly log sheets.  
The logs and book reviews can be found in this packet and on our school’s website.  A suggested reading list can be found on the website too. (Http://www-jce.stjohns.k12.fl.us ) To gain access to the logs and book reports, go to the Julington Creek website and click on LEAP Into Summer Reading.  Record all reading done during the summer- a line for each time you read.  At least once a month, complete a book review (the form is included here and on the website)  Download additional logs or review sheets from the website as your child needs them.  Extra logs can also be picked at Creekside High School over the summer.  At the front desk, ask for Mrs. Keaton at Julington Creek.

Parents of rising third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students-
Children at this age should be capable of filling out their logs and book review sheets.  You can offer assistance or support if it is needed, but it is important for the child to do the writing so that he/she can take ownership for the work completed.  This builds organizational skills too. Additionally, students need to tally the minutes and have them ready to bring back when school begins.

Parents of rising Kindergarten, first, and second graders-
If possible, let children fill out the log.  If the child is not able to write it, parents can fill out the child’s forms, but make sure that your child is a part of this process too, so that he/she will feel that it is his/her own log.  Minutes need to be tallied and totaled at the bottom of each of the pages.

When school begins:
Have your child bring his/her log back as soon as school begins and give it to the classroom teacher.  In order to obtain the ribbons to recognize your children for their personal commitment made to the reading program we need the log back no later than August 22,2014.  We will have volunteers to help tabulate the totals for a reading ceremony that will occur by the end of the first quarter.  
Your enthusiasm and commitment to this program will make a difference to your child!  The short and long term effects, both academically and personally, will be immeasurable!  In addition, your child's teacher is dedicated to helping your child develop a commitment to reading, and they work hard to reinforce you and your child's efforts.

With sincere thanks to you for supporting your child –

            Your child’s teacher, The School Advisory Council, and PTO!

Last Modified: Jun 06, 2014